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Athletes recover faster with acupuncture
(Coeur d'Alene Press, May 21, 2014)

Acupuncture helping kids with pain and anxiety
(The Columbia Tribune, May 16, 2014)

More soldiers looking to acupuncture for pain relief
(KFOX14 News, El Paso, TX, May 10, 2014)

Acupuncture therapy used for allergies
(KDLT News, Sioux Falls, SD, May 9, 2014)

Acupuncture works for Anxiety, Depression, and PMS
(The Epoch Times, May 5, 2014)

Acupuncture being used to treat nausea in children
(UC San Francisco, April 30, 2014)

Acupuncture as a treatment for stress, anxiety and PTSD
(Penn Live, April 6, 2013)

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