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Acupuncture Treatments:

Initial consult (60 minutes) $95
Subsequent treatments (30 minutes) $70
Specialized Programs:
Smoking Cessation Program
--Daily for 2 weeks and as needed for 6 months $495

Fertility Treatment Program
--Thorough initial consultation and twice weekly for 3 months $950

Weight Loss Program
--Thorough initial consultation and individually tailored $195/month
--Daily email follow-up (optional)

*These prices reflect the inherent discount given to patients who pay in full at the time of service, reducing complications arising from administrative paperwork, third-party billing, and delayed payments.

Other Services:
Medical Marijuana Certification$200
Genesight Testing$50

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine:

OMM Sessions (30 minutes) $70
Craniosacral Therapy Sessions (30 minutes)$70


Individual sessions (60 minutes) $70
Educational groups varies

Payment is expected in full at the time of each visit by cash, check, or credit card.

(Unless arranged previously by the VAMC, or your workman's compensation or auto insurance provider.)

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