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"I think any investment in you is going to reap tremendous rewards emotionally and mentally. You guys are doing a wonderful thing passing on the big money lure of the world of medicine and opting instead to truly help the sick and needy. You are truly inspiring and I wish you only the best."
-A Friend's Testimonial


"Oh my goodness! This is a little slice of heaven in Annville!"
-A Visitor

Open for nearly 12 years, The Wellness Point is a labor of love as well as a fusion of interests, passions, and commitments. The Wellness Point promotes balance, flexibility, wellness, freedom from pain, time with patients, education, and affordability. Mark and Stacy Foley are the primary practitioners at The Wellness Point and we are so pleased to offer services to our wonderful community.

Many people seeking the kinds of treatments offered at The Wellness Point have been traveling, in many cases, over an hour away! With our affordable fees, we are able to bring these services right to our area and strengthen our community’s growing awareness and enjoyment of complementary and alternative medicine.

We are able to offer affordable, personal care because we have decided to bypass insurance companies and deal directly with our patients. This is known as a "cash-based" model, although credit card payments are accepted as well. Here are just some of the MANY inspiring articles about the trend toward cash-based clinics:

Mark's Story

My family and I started residency right around the time the new rule was passed that states that residents cannot work more than 80 hours in a week. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. A law had to be passed to say that you could “only” work for 80 hours a week. Telling, isn’t it, about the world of medicine today?

I enjoy and am good at what I do. I enjoy medicine and my patients. However, I’ve become a bit disillusioned with “the system” and delivery of medicine. The red tape of insurance companies, inefficient system of delivery, and long hours have gotten in the way of medicine and health, in my opinion.

As a physician, I’ve seen traditional medicine help a lot of people. But I’ve also seen a lot of people not being helped by the system—either because of traditional medicine or patients’ access (or lack thereof) to it, physician attitudes/burnout (and often, can you blame them?), or insurance regulations. The list goes on.

I disagree with rushing my patients in and out the door in the name of some HMO’s dictated quotas. I’ve seen so much frustration among patients and doctors alike and I’ve decided to be proactive about it, hence the decision to have our own practice that is both flexible and cash-based, rather than dictated by insurance company regulations. Not only are we able to benefit our patients in this way, this is also a great benefit to myself and my family as we are able to also enjoy flexibility and balance ourselves.

We are thrilled to offer our services at The Wellness Point. We’re happy to be able to not just talk about mind-body-spirit, but really dedicate ourselves to looking at and treating the whole person, really meaning it, integrating both traditional and alternative treatments and approaches.

By doing these things, we also bring balance into our own lives – the same balance we are trying to help others find. A balanced, happy, healthy doctor is much more useful than an unhealthy, sleep-deprived, regulation-laden doctor. My family and I are happy to be a part of this community, this area, and this kind of work. We sincerely wish you health, learning, balance, and wellness.

Stacy’s Story

Inspired by my own struggles with depression during college and then again years later, I have come to figure out for myself that I am passionate about helping people who struggle with the horrible monster of depression. I have learned so much in my experiences and studies and am excited to share these treasures with others.

When I have sought counseling for myself, I learned firsthand how intimidating, scary, and vulnerable it can feel to find a therapist. This is why I offer free 20-minute "get acquainted" sessions.

During my own sessions, I learned that sometimes I wouldn’t always follow through with my strategies. This is why I offer daily email accountability—to help with support and recovery.

At that time, I also quickly figured out how financially scary and overwhelming it could be. Sometimes people can’t qualify for low-cost programs but can’t quite afford the cost of therapy themselves. This is why I choose to offer cash-based, affordable services.

In this field, I have seen medicines save people's lives and I've also seen the dreadful side effects they can have. Whether or not to use pharmaceuticals is a very personal decision to be made with one's physician. For myself, I haven't felt that medicine was right for me (though I do not necessarily feel that is true for everyone nor do I judge those who decide to do differently!) and have used diet, vitamins, and lifestyle to help me as I've worked very hard using therapeutic principles to pull myself through the hell of depression. I firmly believe that whether or not you choose to use pharmaceuticals to help you, skills learned in therapy can only help further. I repeat that I firmly believe that. This is why I do not judge you, but I am honest with you about options and skills.

During that time and also in my practice, I have seen firsthand the terrible impact the social stigma of emotional illness can have. This is why I challenge this stigma with education and by being vocal and unembarrassed about my own struggles.

Through my own experiences as well as in my practice, something I have known for a very long time has been reinforced for me—I like and genuinely care for people and am passionate about helping people overcome these struggles.

There are some in the mental health field who believe it isn’t a good idea for a therapist to be open about personal struggles like this, but I guess I’m a little unconventional that way—I think it makes me more human and in no way diminishes my skills and abilities to better help my clients. I want you to know that I genuinely care. Please know that you are not alone.

To find out more about how I view myself as a therapist, please see this section of our FAQs. Whoever you are, whatever your struggles, however you decide to pursue treatment, I truly wish you well.

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