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Classes and Groups
Due to the global pandemic and our desire to keep our clients, practitioners, and community as safe as possible, and to offer an option for those who are not yet comfortable venturing out, these classes and groups will be offered virtually. More information coming soon!

We know that not everyone has the resources - time and/or money - to read a stack of parenting books or attend relationship retreats or go to weekly counseling sessions. We also know that sometimes people are hesitant to try counseling. All this being said, we strongly encourage all participants to seek out therapy for themselves, as it is enormously helpful.

THESE COURSES ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR THERAPY. We view these classes/groups as affordable adjuncts or bridges for those who need help, want to learn, and crave community. We understand that there are often long waits to get in to a counselor and that high costs can also be prohibitive. We also know there is a lot of power and healing when we gather in groups. We developed these classes/groups as a way to offer something to the community to help bridge the gap that sometimes exists in our mental health system.



For Teens

For Anyone

For Women

For Men

Anxiety Management

Adulting Through the Ages

Other Topics


Parenting Classes:


"PARENTING 101 - I don't want to spank. I don't want to yell. So what do I DO??"

"PARENTING 102 - Understanding the Teen Brain"


Marriage/Relationship Classes:


"MARRIAGE 101 - Resources for a healthy partnership"



For Teens:


"TEENS 101 - Self-talk and self-care"


"TEENS 102 - Navigating friendships and relationships"

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For Anyone:


"THERAPY 101 - Things I learned in therapy that I wish I'd known as a kid"

For Women:

"WOMEN 101 -  Solidarity, Sister!"

For Men:


"MEN 101 -  A Few Good Men"


Anxiety Management Classes:


"ANXIETY 101 - Managing Anxiety"


Adulting Classes Through the Ages:


"Adulting is like looking both ways before crossing the street and then getting hit by an airplane."

The following classes are all geared specifically to different times/decades in people's lives and will be taught by a family physician and mental health therapist with a variety of guest experts on various subjects chiming in as well. 

A wide array of topics will be covered including health, finances, auto care, organizational tips, internet/cyber tips, insurance, mental health, credit, home safety, savings and retirement, skin care, fitness, safety tips, wedding and funeral etiquette, relationship tips, protecting yourself from identity theft, emotional intelligence, what to do if your wallet/phone is stolen, professionalism, helpful apps and resources, what to do in an accident or during a traffic stop, and so much more!

"ADULTING 101 - Adulting skills for the high school graduate"

"ADULTING 102 - Adulting skills for those in their 20s"


"ADULTING 103-  Adulting skills for those in their 30s"

"ADULTING 104 -  Adulting skills for those in their 40s"

"ADULTING 105 - Adulting skills for those in their 50s"


"ADULTING 106 -  Adulting skills for those in their 60s"


"ADULTING 107 -  Adulting skills for those in their 70s and beyond"



Other Topics:






Class Descriptions

"PARENTING 101 - I don't want to spank. I don't want to yell. So what do I DO??" - Sometimes we hear a lot about what not to do, but not a lot about what TO do. And it's hard to find the time to read all those parenting books while also raising kids! This class will cover tips and strategies for raising great kids in a peaceful and gentle manner. We'll discuss approaches that compassionately break generational cycles.



"PARENTING 102 - Understanding the Teen Brain" -  Raising teens doesn't have to be daunting or scary or even exceptionally hard. It helps to know how the teenage brain works - we'll talk about what's typical at each age/stage. You can truly raise teens who are not only your kids, but also your friends.

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"MARRIAGE 101 - Resources for a healthy partnership" -  Relationships are so central to our lives. There are so many resources for careers and even hobbies, but what of our marriages and partnerships? Where's the manual? This class will go over strategies and resources, rooted in studies, to help relationships be happy and healthy. This class would also be excellent for engaged couples and those in committed partnerships.

"MARRIAGE 102 - RELATIONSHIP RX" - This class is geared toward helping repair and enhance marriages and relationships generally. This is a good fit for those who perhaps aren't comfortable with therapy and just want some tips and general help. This class would also be excellent for engaged couples and those in committed partnerships.

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"TEENS 101 - Self-talk and self-care" - The foundations for developing a solid sense of self. Tips and tricks to help teens be their best selves, and feel confident in who they are.

"TEENS 102 - Navigating friendships and relationships" - This class builds on the foundational information in TEENS 101. While the first class is about the self, these classes and discussions delve into our interactions with others - family, friends, dating partners, and more.

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"THERAPY 101 - Things I learned in therapy that I wish I'd known as a kid" - Filled with tips and tricks and strategies, this class is literally filled with basic therapeutic principles that counselors-in-training learn in grad school and beyond, and wished they'd learned much earlier in life. But hey, better later than not at all! These tips are simple and life changing - I wish they were taught to everyone in kindergarten. At least we can learn them now and pass them on to younger generations. It's NEVER too late to learn and feel better.

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"WOMEN 101 -  Solidarity, Sister!" - If it's one thing we eventually learn as women, it's how amazing it is when we stand together and don't let the world divide us. Community of women can change the world. But sometimes we have to take a step into a new space to meet others who also want to empower themselves and others. And together? Well, watch out, world.  This group will be all about sharing a supportive space for women where we discuss women's issues and women's empowerment.  For this particular group, it is strongly recommended that participants have their own therapist and be doing their own inner work so that this group may be an additional aid, and helpful to all participants.

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"MEN 101 -  A Few Good Men" - Why is it often challenging for men to form and hold close friendships with other men? Why does vulnerability - something so necessary in relationships - sometimes seem so scary? We hear so much about toxic masculinity, emotional labor, and the challenges that men face in today's world . . . this space is one for men who want to learn more about these things and hold accountability and support for one another as we discuss these topics and more.

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"ANXIETY 101 - Managing Anxiety" - Anxiety can be crippling. The more tools we have in our mental health toolbox, the better we can handle these challenges. We'll learn all kinds of strategies in this class, and participants will feel empowered, validated, and less alone.

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"ADULTING 101 - Adulting skills for the high school graduate" - A fantastic graduation gift, this class covers all the things a new grad needs to know as they enter the world as a newly-minted, legal adult! Perfect for soon-to-be and recent high school grads, this class will cover all the basic adulting skills any new graduate would need to know from what to do during a traffic stop to how/when to make various health appointments to resume writing to basic safety to mental health tips to insurance to credit and savings to auto care and much, much more.


"ADULTING 102 - Adulting skills for those in their 20s" - This class is geared toward college-aged young adults and people in their 20s. Now that you're well into adulthood, what skills should you already be mastering? This class will cover all kinds of topics from budgeting to home organization to relationship tips to retirement planning to skin care to basic medical health to shopping/cooking tips to mental health tips and much, much more.


"ADULTING 103-  Adulting skills for those in their 30s" - This class is geared toward those who are well into their early adulthood and who want to have a solid head start in various areas of their lives from health to finances to relationships and more.

"ADULTING 104 -  Adulting skills for those in their 40s" - This class is great for those who are well into adulthood and who are closer to approaching the eventual retirement side of their careers and lives. This is the perfect time to take stock of home, career, health, finances, mental health, and relationships.

"ADULTING 105 - Adulting skills for those in their 50s" - This class is geared toward those who are in the "middle age" stage of life and who want to check in on what they should know, anything they may have missed, and a "tune-up" of sorts with regard to their health, finances, relationships, mental health, careers, and home life. 

"ADULTING 106 -  Adulting skills for those in their 60s" - This class is geared toward those who are especially close to retirement age and want to take stock of everything from health to finances to protecting themselves from identity theft to relationships to mental health and more.


"ADULTING 107 -  Adulting skills for those in their 70s and beyond" -  This class is geared toward those who are in their golden years and want to make sure that all the hard work and fun they've had to this point continues to be protected as much as possible as we discuss health and wellness, finances, mental health, how to protect from scams, relationships, hobbies, keeping sharp, and more.                 


"ADULTING ONE-DAY WORKSHOPS" - we will sometimes offer one-day workshops to cover a very condensed overview of some of the topics covered in the classes above.

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"RED FLAGS AND BOUNDARIES" - So many of us are people pleasers or codependent or just seem to get into troubling friendships and relationships. Once we become aware of that, we work hard to break those old habits. It is not easy. But knowledge is power! This group will talk A LOT about the many red flags to be aware of so that we can navigate life with less bumps. In this supportive environment, we'll learn how to set boundaries and surround ourselves with healthier relationships.

NAVIGATING GRIEF" - People have a lot to say about the stages of grief, the spiral of grief, about ways to grieve, and about how long grief lasts. But the experience of dealing with grief is different for everyone and there are no set rules. This supportive group will be a place of safety, validation, and help in going through one of life's most challenging experiences. You are not alone. You don't have to go through it alone.

"LOSING MY RELIGION" -  This unique group will discuss the realities of religious trauma that come from a faith transition or the loss of a belief system altogether. We will discuss familiar religious concepts such as forgiveness and silver linings (spiritual bypass) and their impact on our mental health. Leaving a religion or belief system can feel like a very tumultuous and isolating experience that can be both terrifying and empowering at the same time. For many, it can mean a loss of relationships and community. Come meet with others going through similar feelings and experiences, and be supported through this very real and challenging, but hopefully empowering, change. 

"HOMESCHOOLING 101/102" - This 2-part class will cover the whys and hows of home education as well as specifics about the Pennsylvania laws. In Homeschooling 101, we will discuss the many reasons why people choose to homeschool and we will also talk stats and debunk myths (yes, your child will have friends and yes, they may sometimes do school in their pajamas!). We'll go over many different kinds of approaches and philosophies, and we'll share resources and information on local groups that may be of interest to your family. In Homeschooling 102, we'll talk about laws and requirements for both homeschooling and cyber school, along with benefits and drawbacks to both approaches.

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