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Current Offerings

therapy 101

Whether you are struggling yourself or supporting someone who is, this is for you. In order to heal, we need community and connection, and here you will find both in a nurturing environment. We'll discuss ways to manage anxiety and depression, and we will help you fill your mental health toolbox with tons of tips and strategies!

Facilitated by Cardigan Academy

Stacy Foley and Devany LeDrew


8 Weekly Sessions

Wednesdays 6 to 7:30 pm ET

Starting September 7th

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Gentle parenting 101

Regardless of what stage of parenting you're in, you can have harmony in your home. We'll discuss positive strategies for connecting with your child, breaking unhealthy cycles, and nurturing a loving relationship.

Facilitated by Cardigan Academy

Stacy Foley and Devany LeDrew

8 Weekly Sessions

Tuesdays 8 to 9:30 pm ET

Starting September 6th


Saturdays 10 to 11:30 am ET

Starting September 10th

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a cloup?


It rhymes with “group” and is “part class, part group.”

In a cloup, we will have a topic we present at the beginning of each meeting, and then a majority of the time will go to support and discussion with other members of the cloup. This is a chance to ask questions and share ideas in a safe, warm, and engaging setting.


Who will benefit from attending?


Anyone interested in the topics we are discussing (everything from mental health to parenting to grief and more, depending on the specific cloup) will benefit from attending cloups. People who are looking to break old cycles and learn more skills will find cloups to be helpful. It’s a great adjunct to therapy. Also, as human beings, we NEED community. Cloups provide that! 


While cloups are not a substitute for therapy, they are an affordable complement or bridge for those who need help, want to learn, and crave community. We understand that there can be long waits and high costs to get in to see to a counselor or psychologist, so we offer these therapist-led cloups as a way to help in the meantime.


Is it a confidential setting?


Yes. What is shared in the cloup stays in the cloup. This will make sure that everyone feels comfortable sharing.


Who facilitates the cloups?


Stacy Foley and Devany LeDrew, of Cardigan Academy, will facilitate the majority of the cloups. Each of them brings a unique perspective on various topics, both drawing upon their own professional and personal experiences and expertise. Some cloups will be facilitated by others who also bring their knowledge and expertise to the topics at hand. Each cloup offered will always list its facilitators. 


What can I expect?


You can expect a warm and inviting environment conducive to learning and support. Cloup leaders are your helpers. It is very important to us that you feel accepted, valued, and welcome, and that you learn things that are helpful to you, as well as to others in your life. 


What kinds of topics are available in cloups?


Mental Health Strategies, Parenting, Anxiety and Depression, Grief, Red Flags and Boundaries, Adulting, Relationships, Cycle Breaking, Parenting Teens, etc. We are always adding more! 


What will I gain?


You will gain new tools and skills to manage a variety of life’s challenges and situations. You will gain a sense of community with your facilitators and others in your cloup, all of whom have life experiences both similar to and different from yours. You will gain new, helpful perspectives in many different areas of life. You will gain confidence in yourself.


When do cloups meet?


Cloups meet weekly at various times. Each cloup will run for a determinate amount of weeks - some are 6 weeks, others are 8 weeks, etc. Each cloup offered will always list dates and times. We hope to have times available that suit as many people as possible. Please reach out to us if any of the times don’t work for you and we will see what we can do! 


Where are cloups held?


Cloups are held virtually through Zoom for the foreseeable future. When in person, they will be held at The Wellness Point in Annville, PA. We hope to always have a virtual option for those who are not local to the area. 


How much does it cost?


The cost works out to $30 per week. So a 6-week cloup is $180, an 8-week cloup is $240, etc. The price is approximately the cost of a typical co-pay.

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